The Feeling of Jazz

The latest CD from Howard Britz, features him at the piano, with Bill Moring, bass, Eric Halvorson, drums and very special guest, Donny McCaslin on tenor sax.  The selections include Britz' originals, and compositions by Ellington, Monk & Kern.

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NEW RELEASE December 2007 With this CD I wanted to realize a goal and prove my belief that contemporary Jazz can be accessable, melodic, grooving, intelligent, soulful and still be honest to goodness real Jazz. This then is my musical statement, this is how I feel about music now, whatever trends may come and go, 'Here I Stand. Each of the eight original tracks has a part of what I love about the many threads of the musical styles that we call Jazz. Yaakology, is a latin flavored melody with a little gospel tinge in the soloing section, I wrote it for my friend, the Israeli drummer Yaaki Levi. Oceans is a piece that feels like the sense of constant motion and unpredictability of the sea, it has a dual feeling of 6/8 latin with swing underneath, kind of like the waves rocking a small boat in a vast ocean. New York Roast is a fast, hard swinging tune, challenging, sink or swim, somewhat like being a musician in New York. Goodbye (for Dad) is a song for my father who died of cancer in 2005, it’s a ballad but it has resolve and peace in it as well as sadness. Lucky Friday the 13th is New Orleans groove time, it starts with a second line feel and goes into a swinging melody. The title is because this was one of those rare tunes that just seemed to pop out (on Friday the 13th) almost fully formed without me having to sweat bullets, as is usually the case. Brown & Sizzle is for one of my idols, the great bass player Ray Brown, it’s his kind of slow medium groove, down home and feel good. Scatterbug is a angular kind of creature that is up-tempo has some very interesting corners, hear us all stretch out on this one. Matha’s Song is for my wife; being married to a musician can’t be easy, it’s a small reward perhaps, but I hope she’s at least got a good song named for her out of it. This is only track on the CD that’s in an odd meter, 7/4, no relfection on our marriage and it’s a latin groove.

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Made in Brooklyn

Howard Britz Group 2005 release features original compositions and standards with all star line up of Howard Britz (bass, composer), Helio Alves, James Hurt (pno), Jacques Schwarzbart (t.sax), Casey Benjamin (a. sax), Terrion Gully, Anthony Pinciotti (drums) See the review in the Press/Reviews page.

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The Future, The Past

1998 Release by the Howard Britz Group. Six great original compositions and one standard played by the stella line up of Britz (bass,composer), Uri Caine (pno), John Swana (tpt), Byron Landham (drums) in studio and live performances.

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